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The Peter Pan Syndrome by Dr Dan Kiley

Posted by Raul Barral Tamayo en martes, 3 de agosto, 2021

Copyright © 1983 by Dr. Dan Kiley

A serious social-psychological phenomenon is besetting American males: hundreds of thousands of boys are refusing to become men. Though they have reached adult age, the are unable to face adult feelings and responsibilities.

Out of touch with their true emotions, afraid to depend on even those closest to them, self-centered and narcissistic, they hide behind masks of normalcy while feeling empty and lonely inside.

They resort to pretense, false gaiety, and fantasy in an effort to hide their failure from themselves and others.

Psychologist Dan Kiley, who has successfully treated hundreds of such cases, has labelled this common but hitherto unnamed affliction the Peter Pan Syndrome.

Full of moving case histories and simple tests for both PPS sufferers and the women in their life, the Peter Pan Syndrome is, like the Cinderella Complex, must reading for anyone seeking to better understand the ma-woman relationship of the eighties.

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